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Residential Painting in Kansas City and surrounding areas

With so many contractors to choose from in Kansas City and surrounding areas, finding the right painting company can be a challenge. Many homeowners are tempted to simply do the work themselves – but do you really want to waste your valuable free time on painting your home?

Give Yourself a Break - You Can Count on Henry Construction, LLC

Henry Construction, LLC understands that today’s fast-paced lifestyle means that most people are just too busy for home improvements like painting, plastering and especially all that prep work. We strive to make the entire process stress and worry-free, in addition to providing premium quality products and services that produce outstanding results.

Dependable – Affordable - Impeccable Painting

Our experienced team uses the Henry Construction, LLC step-by-step approach to painting homes in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Free Estimates:

Following your request for a free estimate, a painting professional visits your home to discuss your project in detail, help with color selection and set a date for prep work. Written estimates are provided.

Prep Work:

Henry Construction, LLC takes care of protecting and moving all furniture and items from the work area, in addition to completing all drywall repairs and any necessary maintenance requirements prior to painting. Superior plastering, priming and thorough prep work is part of our complete professional service.

The First Coat of Paint:

We start with one coat of your desired color and consult with you throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction. Your home is left clean and safe at the end of each work day.

Project Completion and Follow-up:

Our job is not complete until you’re satisfied. Our residential painting team in Kansas City and surrounding areas will inspect each work area for final touch-ups until the final walk-through and inspection.

Commercial Painting in Kansas City and surrounding areas

Henry Construction, LLC in Kansas City and surrounding areas offers efficient and reliable service with minimal disruption to your day-to-day commercial activity.

If you want to make sure your commercial painting project is completed on time and on budget, you need to work with Henry Construction, LLC. We offer exceptional rates for commercial properties, including:

  1. Office buildings- exterior and interior
  2. Warehouses and storage facilities
  3. Restaurants and entertainment venues
  4. Hotels
  5. Health care institutions
  6. Underground parking garages
  7. New construction, apartment and condominium complexes
  8. Metal & steel-clad buildings
  9. Any Kansas City and surrounding areas commercial or industrial facility

We’ve Got it Covered – Henry Construction, LLC Commercial Painting

Professional prep and clean-up services by licensed and insured painting crews for any commercial surface including:

  1. Ceilings, walls, floors
  2. Flooring
  3. Industrial metal surfaces
  4. Corrugated steel panels
  5. Siding, paneling, cladding
  6. Metal or steel roofs
  7. Support structures and framing

Commercial Prep and Clean up Services

Industrial and commercial locations are assessed and prepared by a team of experts. Surface preparation includes hot/cold power washing, sandblasting and any other necessary treatments. Surrounding landscapes and commercial property are safeguarded and project sites are left clean and organized.

Taking Care of Business for Kansas City and surrounding areas

Henry Construction, LLC painting crews in Kansas City and surrounding areas are licensed and qualified to provide service for a variety of commercial projects that include high rise exterior painting and hard-to-access interior areas. Crews use advanced equipment operated under the strictest of safety standards. Industrial grade paints and products are carefully adjusted for each project for cost effectiveness and maximum durability.

Our commercial painters offer the best value in both product and technique with detailed consultations and cost estimates to help business owners make the most informed decisions. Call (816) 214-5866 for further information.